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Thursday, August 02, 2007


At long last, I have returned my attention to my Alphabet of Interjections, which is the third installment of my Art in Grammar series. I began this project back in November, when I issued a call for interjections. I was pleased to confirm that the English language contains more than enough interjections to complete an alphabet. Indeed. Who knew?

Several of the interjections from my original list were actually the catch phrases of well-known cartoon characters, i.e. “D’oh!” (Homer Simpson), “Sufferin’ Succotash” (Sylvester), “Rats” (Snoopy), and “Zoinks” (Shaggy). After noticing this, I decided it would be fun to compose an entire alphabet of interjections uttered by cartoon or comic book characters. This list was a challenge for me, since I was not allowed to watch cartoons growing up (d’oh!). Fortunately, my friend Nadia is an animator, and was able to supply me with most of the letters.
I will not be able to print or sell this poster because of the licensing issues, but it will be fun to make anyway. I am starting the alphabet with “Arr!”, uttered by Captain McAllister from The Simpsons.

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