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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

V is for "Viva la Revolution!"

Thanks for everyone's help with the interjections! Here is the complete list:

A - Ahem
B - Blymie
C - Cheers
D - D'oh!
E - Egads, Eureka!
F - Fudge
G - Golly gee!
H - Hrumph
I - Indeed
J - Jumpin' Jehosephat
K - Killer!
L - Like,
M - My word!
N- Neat
O - Oy Vey!
P - Phew!
Q - Quotha
R - Rats
S - Sufferin' Succotash!
T - Touche!
U - Ugh
V - Viva la Revolution!
W - Wow!
Y - Yikes!
Z - Zoinks!

Now I'll start sketching the letters. The entire project will take a while, but I'll keep you posted with the progress.

Thanks again!

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