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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brimble's Mercantile Week 3 - Wallpaper, Floors, & Ceiling

The wallpaper, flooring and ceiling finally arrived. We decided on this wallpaper for the upstairs dining room, and white tin ceilings for both rooms. We originally wanted loden green and white checked flooring for the first floor bakery, but we received this message from the supplier:

Dear Deborah

We are having an industry wide shortage on flooring so I don’t have the exact ones you selected. I was wondering if these 2 patterns would be ok

Please advise

So black and white flooring it is.

I really love the added details of the floor and the ceiling. The only problem is that the vinyl sheets added thickness to the ceiling, so the staircase no longer fits in the pre-cut slot. I could probably fix this by sanding down the slot a bit, but really don't feel like doing this, so I've decided to junk the staircase and replace it either with a cake display stand or a different staircase. We have plenty of time to decide.

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