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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Commandment VII

I am about half way through illustrating Commandment VII, "You shall not commit adultery." In preparation for this illustration, I decided to calculate how many different combinations of adultery there are, assuming one member of a couple cheats with one other adult. My findings are neatly summarized in this Excel table.

Note: I couldn't remember how to calculate this with factorials. If anyone knows the equation for this, please elucidate.

How many combinations can you add with the family Pet (a la Sleeping Dogs Lie).
Um, thanks Bob, good question. Does anyone seriously know how to calculate this with the factorial equation? It bothers me that I can't remember.
To figure out a factorial (n!), you must multiply all the integers from 1 to n.

Example: 3! = 3x2x1=6

In this case I believe you have 4! Which gives you 24.
Thanks. I think you're right about the 4 slots, but 24 sounds too high. Maybe it's like this:

Person # 1 in couple = man or woman, 2!

Person # 2 in couple = man or woman, 2!

Cheater = man or woman, 2!

Cheats with = man or woman, 2!

This would be 2! + 2! + 2! + 2!, or 8 total. Does this sound right to anyone? Lisa, please help.
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