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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dexter Finale

I am briefly interrupting my sequence on holiday parodies to discuss the season finale of Dexter. I loved the finale! Lila killed Doakes in the fire, which I expected, but the ending was far more clever than I feared. Lila left Doakes the key to his cell, but locked the cabin from the outside with the axe, which indicates to me that she grasped the importance of having Doakes' body found outside the cage. Dexter then killed Lila, which was long overdue, but since Lila killed Doakes Dexter was able to kill her without breaking his code. I liked the scene in Paris, especially the detail of the Miami post card on Lila's end table. I also liked Dexter's conclusion, which was that things worked out so neatly for him that a higher power somewhere must approve of his "work". And finally, I appreciate that there were no unresolved matters, because I do so hate cliffhanger endings. Now back to my holiday parodies.

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