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Monday, December 10, 2007


I am starting to lose patience with this show. From the previews, it appears that Lila sets the cabin on fire in the season finale with Lila, Doakes, and Dexter trapped inside. I hope that the writers haven't decided to conveniently kill Doakes and Lila in the fire that Lila starts. True, this would allow Dexter to dispose of both Doakes and Lila without breaking Harry's code. But this is the type of ending that I would expect from Melrose Place, not Dexter. (I liked Melrose Place, mind you, but there is a time and place for everything.)

Instead, I would rather see Dexter break Harry's code and kill Lila himself. Dexter has grown disenchanted with Harry. The police don't like Lila because she filed charges against Angel, and Deborah already thinks that she ran Lila out of town with the whole visa thing, so chances are that Dexter could kill Lila and no one would come looking for her. As for Doakes, it might be interesting if he were on the run next season, hiding from the FBI. I think there are still some unresolved issues with Doakes and his contacts in Hati.

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