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Monday, November 19, 2007


It appears that Doakes is closing in on Dexter. And as predicted, Lila has become more trouble than she is worth. I hope that Dexter takes care of both of them in the next episode. Which is to say that I hope he kills them both.

In the book, which I still have not read, Doakes apparently suffers an exceptionally hideous fate. It will be interesting to see if the show follows the book. In the last few episodes, Doakes' behavior has been erratic enough to allow for the possibility of Dexter framing Doakes' for the Bay Harbor Butcher crimes. At the very least, the Department may suspect Doakes of planting the evidence that Doakes found in Dexter's apartment. Or better yet, Doakes will not turn the evidence over to the Department, but will instead confront Dexter directly, and Dexter will kill Doakes in the confrontation. So many possibilities.

Regardless, it is interesting to me that Dexter seems to genuinely care about Rita now. I was half expecting Lila to pull a Fatal Attraction type stunt in Rita's kitchen, but she didn't. At least not yet.

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