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Monday, October 22, 2007

More Wacky Artists

I watched Dexter last night. Dexter's sponsor is a complete wack job. And of course she's an artist. The Ice Truck Killer was an artist too, if I remember correctly - he told Deborah that he had been to art school before he started making prosthetics.

It's not that I object to the portrayal of artists as eccentric. Art School Confidential is one of my favorite movies, even though it falls apart at the end, and I laughed out loud at Daryl Hannah's performance art piece in Legal Eagles. For Dexter, though, it's just lazy writing to make the eccentric NA sponsor an artist. Sure, it's easy to demonstrate how odd she is by showing us her found-object sculptures of cannibals. To me, though, it would be far more interesting to reveal her darkness through dialogue, and to choose a less obvious profession for her, like, say, an accountant.

Regardless, it is my prediction that Dexter will ultimately kill his sponsor. She seems to understand Dexter, which is dangerous for him. He will probably discover something dark about Lila and use that as justification.

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