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Sunday, May 16, 2010

E is for Ennui

Ennui is the letter E of my Abstract Nouns Alphabet. I researched this letter by preparing the 990 tax return at work this week. I also consulted with fellow Gorey fans Sarah and Rosanne. Many thanks to both!

I chose a greyish-beige for the background because it was the most boring color I could think of. I also found a Berylium font which was very close to Gorey's.

Up next: either Flexibility or Fortitude - I still can't decide.

I love it. What a nice homage! We should write a poem to go with it.
Perfect, especially given the research behind it (would you like to file some more taxes? I have some!).

I like both "flexibility" (envisioning Plasticman) and "fortitude" (though I see this as both an intestine and a portmanteau of "Fortress of Solitude").

I'll also vote for another abstract noun -- "force" -- especially given this year's 2nd grade science projects.

"Force" is a good one - thanks! Devon also suggested "fun," which I may have to do, just because she suggested it.
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