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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heroin Chic Dolls

I have two young daughters, and I often shop for them on-line. As a result, I am now on a number of mailing lists from on-line toy companies, clothing compaines, doll manufacturers, etc. I delete many of these e-mails without even reading them. However, I truly enjoy the e-mails from Two Daydreamers Collectible Dolls.

Two Daydreamers is not your average doll company. They feature unexpected dolls such as these, these, these, and these. And now they have the Robert Tonner Antoinette Collection, described as follows:

Antoinetteâ„¢ is an exciting new addition to the doll fashion world. She is a 16" fashion doll with a brand new face and body sculpt. She takes on many different looks depending on her skin tone, hair color and face paint. The collection features glamorous Haute Couture dressed dolls, fabulous basic dolls and chic separate outfits. If that weren't enough, Robert Tonner is giving collectors blank mannequins to enhance the display of the new fashions or to repaint!

For the record, I haven't purchased any of these dolls. I much prefer dolls like these.

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