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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brandeis Auction

About a year ago I made Studies in Digestion to submit to the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA). MOBA ultimately rejected my piece, but I still donated it to be included in the museum's Rejection Collection charity auction.
Well, the museum's curator notified me today that the museum is using my piece after all. I received a copy of this press release:

JANUARY 29, 2009


As curator-in-chief of the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA), I, along with most of my colleagues in the art-world, was shocked to learn that the trustees of Brandeis University have decided to close the Rose Art Museum and sell the valuable collection to raise money to cover a deficit in their operating budget. We assume that they have considered and rejected alternatives such as renaming the university "Brandeis Bank" in order to qualify for the federal Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), digging up and selling the shrubbery that currently decorates the beautiful Waltham campus, and assigning undergraduates to patrol the Mass Pike tollbooths in Weston with collection cans.

It would be irresponsible to stand by and fail to offer assistance to a neighboring institution in such a desperate circumstance.

I would like to assure our patrons that MOBA does not sell items from our Permanent Collection, although we have so far not been tempted with the opportunity to liquidate any of our works into "six figures".

In support of the Rose Museum in crisis, the MOBA Board of Directors have decided to sell a picture from our Rejection Collection; "Studies in Digestion" by Deborah Grumet. Executed with colored pencil on paper, this framed 18"x 24" piece portrays the human digestive system skillfully drawn in the styles of Keith Haring, Georges Serat, Rene Margritte (with mislabeled organs a la the Key of Dreams Series), and a Picasso single line drawing.

"Studies in Digestion" is offered on eBay, with the auction closing February 8, 2009 at 1:37pm PST. The listing address is:

An official MOBA Certificate of Rejection will accompany the item.

The proceeds of this auction will be donated to Brandeis University in the hopes that we can help prevent the disintegration and sale of the Rose Art Museum collection.
The auction ends February 8, but if you can also buy it now for $10,000.

I will click on the "buy it now" link for $10,000 as soon as I win the lottery tonight. :)
Yes, I think it's fairly priced. But don't feel pressured - you already have a Grumet original.
this is true. and i didn't win the lottery even though my Korean hairdresser waved her hands over me and told me to buy a ticket for last night's drawing. damn lying hairdresser!
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