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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Letter O

I skipped ahead to O because I still need more reference material for my N. For O I used OJ's Cereal, which was an orange-flavored cereal made by Kellogg's from 1985 - 1986. Its mascot was OJ Joe, who rounded up oranges and branded them.
I don't actually remember this cereal, but there is an on-line petition to bring it back:
This petition has been created by "The OJ's Preservation Society", a grassroots organization chartered to raise awareness of delicious Kellogg's "OJ's" cereal to a whole new generation of hungry cereal consumers. We believe that "OJ's" represents a high-water mark of cereal achievement, and are still mourning the 1986 discontinuation of Kellogg's "OJ's" from supermarket shelves. Breakfast, we fear, has never been the same.
They have 334 signatures so far.

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