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Friday, September 19, 2008

"Honor. Integrity. Leadership."

I like working with David Marc Fischer because he will occasionally challenge me to think beyond breakfast cereals. Last week, for example, he asked me to draw a portrait of Sarah Palin as a pit bull with lipstick. I thought a bit, and responded with this. David wanted me to add some more details, but since I don’t normally work electronically, this was the best I could do. David then consulted with designer Chris Orsi, who did the final piece (see above). Thanks, Chris!

Here is David’s post.

Love the artwork!
Looks great. Did you do the artwork electronically or did you paint it?
Thanks! This is a digital job. I basically just took the original painting and drew lipstick on it. Chris did the final, which looks much better.

I usually do everything by hand, so I am extremely limited when it comes to the digital stuff. I should probably learn it at some point.
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