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Thursday, July 17, 2008

For Frank

A while ago my friend Frank asked me to make a cake for his birthday. Specifically, he asked for a chocolate cake with lemon frosting, decorated in the style of Chuck Close.

Frank's birthday is tomorrow, and I did make him a cake. But I made it Keith Haring, not Chuck Close. And since Frank lives in Chicago and we live in Queens, he only gets a picture of said cake. I guess you would call it a virtual cake?

Anyway, here we are enjoying Frank's cake. It was delicious.

I LOOVE IT!! Thank you sooo much. I hope it was delicious. Was the chocolate cake and lemon frosting combo a hit?

The slide show was so fun. Thanks to your family for participating in this excellent birthday gift. I hope we'll get to Queens sometime soon to meet them in person.

Seriously, I'm just sitting here with a huge grin on my face from watching the slide show. Julie too.
Glad you liked it! The chocolate cake with lemon was surprisingly good. I used a real lemon and canned vanilla frosting.
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