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Monday, June 02, 2008

Ten Sentences

I came across some grammar sentences that I wrote in 5th grade. Here they are:
1) The big fat lady/fell through the floor.
2) The skinny man/slid down the bathroom drain.
3) The ballerina/was dancing on her toes when one of them broke.
4) The circus clown/fell off his silts and landed in a pile of mud.
5) The ugly lady/looked in the mirror and it cracked.
6) The tall man/tripped over his own feet.
7) The lady with the purple wig/bought a $10,000 hat.
8) The boy/ was so stupid he thought 2 + 2 = 22.
9) The acrobat/fell and the net wasn't there.
10) The old man/broke all his bones in his body.
I don't see any issues there, do you?

The Illustrated Scholastic History of Debbie Grumet- what do you think?

I laughed so hard reading these!
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