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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

T.E. Breitenbach

Everything about this artist is interesting. Read his bio - you'll see what I mean. His Proverbidioms posters are enviably clever, and he lives in a castle that he built himself. He hopes to make the castle into a museum one day to house his own artwork.

Of particular note is that he lives in Altamont, NY, my home town. Altamont is the home of the Altamont Fair, the Old Songs Festival, and the Capital District Scottish Games. It's hard to imagine an art museum in Altamont that isn't run by 4-H, but I would love to see it happen.

They used to sell these at colonie center. I was hooked. I never knew he was from Altamont!!
I remember that too! I wish my posters were at Colonie Center. I don't think they'd sell there, though. The Albany Institute only sold 2 in 2 years. And one was to Adria.
My brother Tim had one of these. -- Mark
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