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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Harry Bliss - Rip-off Artist?

Some of you may recognize this image from a recent New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest (or anti-caption contest, as it may be.) Well, here is an interesting post about some recent coincidences with Harry Bliss's cartoons. And here is a nice twist to the story which appeared in today's New York Post. (Via: Rod McKie Illustrations and Cartoons.)

1. Clearly, what we need is a clearinghouse of graphic artist gags.

2. When I go to the Post article, the accompanying picture is of a blonde woman speaking into a microphone. Huh?

3. I am unhappy that my anti-caption entry did not make the cut that week.
Yeah, I got that picture too for the Post article. It's funny that the caption says that John Rau has egg on his face. You know, given the wrong photo and all.
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