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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop-Tarts?

When my daughter Megan was first born, she slept a lot, and I had far too much time on my hands. I suppose I could have done something productive with this time, like read a book, clean the apartment, or complete the work I was supposed to be doing from home, but instead I thought about important things, like why I had never seen a peanut butter and jelly Pop-Tart. I actually wrote Kellogg through their website, and suggested that they make two new flavors of Pop-Tarts:

1) Peanut butter and jelly - A Pop-Tart filled with strawberry or grape jelly and frosted with peanut butter flavored frosting;

2) Peanut butter and Fluff - Same as the first, except filled with Fluff instead of jelly.

I received a terse response from Kellogg, which said something like "While your ideas are not new to us, please remember that we have a highly specialized marketing team which determines which flavors would best suit the needs of our customers."

Whatever. Now, five and a half years later, I have decided to revisit this subject. Here are the flavors of Pop-Tarts that I would like to see:

1) Peanut butter and jelly;
2) Peanut butter and Fluff;
3) Peanut butter and Nutella;
4) A Black & White Pop-Tart, frosted like a Black & White cookie;
5) A Peeps Pop-Tart - filled with marshmallow, and covered with the brightly colored Peeps sugar;
6) Orange marmalade with white chocolate frosting;
7) a Croque-monsieur Pop-Tart. I guess this would have to be frozen, which might be impractical, but I think it's a cool idea.
8) A Pushing Daisies Pop-Tart, filled with apple pie filling and topped with gruyere cheese.

Please feel free to post your suggestions as well. I may illustrate some of the flavors if I ever get around to it, but I can't promise that I will do this.

How about a monkfish and chocolate sauce poptart? They go really well together on croissants.

That sounds delicious. Any others?
A creme brulee pop tart where the toaster carmelizes the sugar. yum.
or maybe something with prickly pear.
I like the creme brulee. Maybe it could come in a microwavable pouch so I wouldn't have to clean the toaster afterwards.

A Pop-Tart filled with Pop Rocks might be fun, but it would have to come with a warning label to avoid serious injury (i.e. "Not to be consumed with carbonated beverages," or something like that).
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