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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Michael Albert

My daughter Megan came home from an Earth Day celebration yesterday with a signed copy of this print by Michael Albert. The print is a collage of the text of the Declaration of Independence interspersed with various recognizable figures such as Ronald McDonald, Elmo, and Count Chocula. I looked up the print on the artist's website, and found the following description:

The original collage is 32" X 40" in size & took Albert close to 6 months to create. The work includes 56 characters Albert picked to represent the 56 signers, all of their initials, 13 brands to represent the original colonies, key portions of the text of the Declaration of Independence and even a group of characters who didn't count (or rather had no vote) at the time of this historical event, the signing of the USA's single most famous document.

The artist has other prints too, including the text of To Be or Not To Be, The Pledge of Allegiance, and my favorite, The Number Pi (see below). All are interesting, clever, and well executed.

What I find especially interesting is that the artist went to NYU and studied business, not art. I also went to NYU, and studied public administration and finance. For me, good art is as much about concept as it is about technical skill. I would rather see a clever, loosely executed piece than a perfectly drawn still life. Of course it is to my advantage to think this way, since my own concepts are generally stronger than my execution.

Anyway, here is Michael Albert's website. Check it out!

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