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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alphabet of Taxes

I was an economics minor in college. This side of me still surfaces occasionally, as it did today when I decided to compile this alphabet of taxes. I couldn't think of a Y or Z tax, so I am open to suggestions. (Note: April 15th is 4 days away.)

A - Ad Valorem Tax
B - Building Permit Tax
C - Capital Gains Tax
D - Deferred Income Tax
E - Estate Tax
F - Flat Tax
G - Gift Tax
H - Hunting License Tax
I - Income Tax
J - Joint Filers Status
K - Kiddie Tax
L - Local Tax
M - Marriage License Tax
N - Negative Income Tax
O- Occupancy Tax
P - Property Tax
Q - Qualified Holding Company Tax
R - Regressive Tax
S - Sales Tax
T - Taxable Gain, Tea Tax
U - UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax)
V - Value Added Tax
W - Witholding Tax, Water & Sewer Tax
X - Excise Tax

Here's the Youth Opportunities Programs (YOP)tax credit. site Best I've come up with so far.
Thanks! I think that works. It's much better than Yarn Tax, which I also considered.
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