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Sunday, March 09, 2008


We went to the New Museum today and saw the Unmonumental exhibits. The exhibits are large installations of found object sculptures, collage, and sound. Some of the pieces are highly political, with pictures of Bush and swastikas, etc., but others are fun and whimsical, and actually great for young kids (at least my kids, anyway). My favorite part of the exhibit was this untitled doll-shaped candle, pictured left, by Urs Fischer. The picture shows the candle before it was lit. However, it has been lit every day since November, and remains lit for all open hours of the museum. (I asked the curator, and they apparently blow the candle out at night for safety reasons. The curator also said that the candle has only been blown out once accidentally, when someone coughed on it.)
All that remains of the candle now are the legs and a giant pool of wax that has collected around the feet. I don't know if anyone has kept a photo record of the melting process, but it would make a great time-lapse video project.

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