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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slowest. Developing. Tadpole. Ever.

A little over a month ago I reported that my daughter's tadpole was starting to grow legs. Well, the back legs are fully developed now, but I don't see any sign of front legs. I checked the instruction manual that came with the tadpole, and here's what it says:

The next two to four weeks after your tadpole's arrival will be the most important and exciting period in its life. (Some tadpoles may take a little longer than others to develop.) Front legs will emerge. Feeding will stop. It will breathe entirely through its lungs and its head and internal organs will undergo extreme structural changes. You will notice that your tadpole's front legs are now fully developed, its tail is beginning to shrink and it is starting to come partially out of the water.

We are now in week 13 (ahem), but at least it's still alive. I guess we're on the slow end of the developmental curve.

Tadpoles come with instruction manuals these days?
They do indeed. It's a good thing, too - otherwise Frosty would be dead for sure.
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