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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alice's Tea Cup

Devon and I went to Manhattan today to meet Marilyn for lunch. We went to Alice's Tea Cup, which is, as the name suggests, an Alice in Wonderland-themed teahouse. The decor was fun, with Alice murals all over the walls, and the bathroom had partially painted roses hanging from the ceiling. Devon was given fairy wings to wear while she ate, which she enjoyed, and there were also wands available for those who wanted them. The food was quite good: Devon and I had the banana cake with Nutella frosting for dessert, and Marilyn ordered the blackberry coconut scone. The best part, though, was the tea! They had an enormous selection of teas to choose from (at least it seemed so to me). I tried Alice's Tea, which was a blend of Indian black vanilla tea with Japanese green tea and rose petals. I liked it so much that I just bought an 8 oz bag. Of tea.

Alice's Tea Cup has three locations (see website). I highly recommend visiting at least one of them.

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