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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hannah Montana Movie!

My daughters, ages 5 and 3, are both obsessed with Hannah Montana. This is admittedly my fault, since I let them watch the show and play the games on the Disney website. However, I was surprised recently when my 3-year-old asked if we could go to the Hannah Montana concert. I told her no, and she started to sob. Not bratty, fake, if-I-keep-doing-this-I-will-get-what-I-want sobs, but genuine, heartbroken sobs. I explained to her that the concert was too expensive, and she replied that she would make the tickets herself so we wouldn’t have to pay for them. She then made the tickets with construction paper and marker.

Needless to say, I still did not take them to the concert, but we did the next best thing and saw the Hannah Montana movie at the Zigfeld theater. The movie was actually much better than I expected. Instead of an extra long episode of the Hannah Montana show, which I anticipated, the movie showcased the Hannah Montana concert tour. The movie was in 3D, which was not essential to the film, but it was fun, and did give a vague sense of being present at the concert. My favorite parts of the film were the 3D previews and the 3D credits, which floated in mid-air.

poor devon...she really really wanted to go huh? isa only knows hannah through her 5 year old cousin.
Yes, I did not expect that reaction from Devon. They handed out Hannah Montana merchandise fliers at the movie, and now she wants the "Hannah Montana bed." (I think she means sheets.)

That's good that Isa isn't infected yet. I much preferred Devon's Scooby Doo phase.
isa is still in her scooby doo phase. I got her the cd with all the music from the hey dreamin head in the sand.. :)
Isa wan'ts bratz too....but i am really trying to stay away. so far so good.
Ew, Bratz! Luke loves Bratz. We've luckily managed to stay clear of them so far. The oversized ones are creepy looking.
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