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Monday, December 24, 2007

Fairytale of New York (Guest Blogger: Bob Groppe)

Well, I though my Blackadder entry would be my last guest appearance, but who does only one sequel anymore?

Many years ago, my cousin Tom and I had a wonderful, heartwarming Christmas ritual involving the Yuletide spirit and some traditional Irish music. OK, we used to get buzzed on Christmas Eve and listen to the Pogues in his parent’s basement.

A Fairytale of New York is the Pogues at their best. You can listen to it for the roaring fusion of rock and Irish folk, or you can take a step back, and hear Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl veer from love to hate to rage to bitterness and back to longing. These two drunks are as much cellmates as they are lovers. You can feel every scar on these two as they tear each other’s guts out on Christmas Eve.

Social Workers spend hours in the classroom trying to learn about “Co-dependency”; Shane nailed it all in less than four minutes.

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